Vineo believes innovation comes only from fresh minds because they have only one process to follow which is learning. For experienced people the innovation becomes difficult because they have to unlearn and then relearn which is two way process.

Domestic companies and MNC’s are continuously striving for candidates with less induction training and they expect them to be productive from day one.

Vineo (Education Vertical) has done a research and found the root cause of the problem is the education of the teachers who in turn teaches in Tier 3 colleges where most of the crowd resides.

Vineo offers course curriculum that are practical oriented and designed in line with Market demand and hence valued by Teachers

The main USP of our training module is we create an research syllabus for each teacher on their subject. Teacher has to submit a research paper and then practically design solutions around it. This gives them understanding about the corporate research and they can then create like minds in the educational institutes.

All the training to the teachers would be taken by top class teachers in top colleges in India. We are also planning to join hands with international institutes for their research papers which can be helpful for teachers.