Vineo believes in innovation. We as a company think innovation should be in each and every process at the moment. Innovation thoughts never come to end or it is never matured. Every process can be innovatively thought off.

Vineo creates Quick Win Products which are real necessity of the market. As a part of our product strategy we are targeting Tier 3 Business Segment which are currently not been looked by any Tier1 Service Providers or niche players.


This product is a Web Based Document Management Application for Chartered Accountants.

CAiDoCS provides a platform where CA can store all their documents online and customer can download it from anywhere or via mobile. This platform can reside the data for any number of years and for any type of documents.


This product is mainly for patients who approach pathology labs for their health tests. Currently pathology department asks the patients to come for testing and then call them back again for taking the reports.

Using this platform pathology department can store the patient’s reports online which the patients can view any point of time. This also gets stored for history data as well. This gives patient a complete view of their health records even after few years.


This product is for Tier4 manufacturing companies who are actually start-ups with good manufacturing scale and different product SKU’s.

This WebERP product is simplified solution where all these stock points will comes under one ERP which would be Web Based. Using this product Manufacturer would bill the SKU’s to their SS or Distributors who further will use the same platform to bill the same SKU for their customers.